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17 Sep

Monongalia County Commission Meeting

September 9th, 2015

“It’s become a situation, I think, that needs to be addressed at a higher level,” Tom Bloom, President of the Commission says in relation to the local Solid Waste Authority not having updated their webpage after repeated attempts by Bloom to make contact.  “…The misinformation is believed to be causing confusion in this county”.

Bloom claims to have contacted the company four times, but nothing has been done and in turn, would like to have a letter sent to the State to have the Solid Waste Authority’s webpage changed with the new, correct information on tire recycling and of the dates and times Mon County does have recycling.

Back in late January/ early February, Bloom’s main goal was to handle the recycling crisis- building a program and recycling sites for said program, and switching from using the services of Solid Waste Authority, to Republic Services.

Edward Hawkins of the Commission offers to relay the information to the people himself, since he attends all of the solid waste authority meetings, and would request an answer to give to Bloom.

“It’s become a situation, I think, that needs to be addressed at a higher level,” states Bloom.

“I understand and agree with Tom Bloom’s anger with this.” exclaims Morgantown resident and WVU student, Peter McCarthy, “ He worked really hard  to get the recycling program where it is, and to have someone not giving the proper information on the one place I would look to for that information,  is really upsetting,”.

“Tom, I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get a simple answer to a simple question”, Eldon Callen exclaims.

He questions what the misinformation is, whether or not they haven’t taken down the recycling information some months ago, and what Bloom believes the situation is- whether it be by negligence on their part, or possibly intentional. “I’m stating facts that they are refusing to change, and they’ve had the information, and we’ve contacted them four separate times. I’m not sure what else we can do”.

“I can see where Callen’s hesitation is coming from,” says Melissa Cane,  mother of three, “if it were me, I would ask the same questions, giving the Solid Waste Authority the benefit of the doubt and making sure Monongalia county isn’t  or wasn’t overstepping their boundaries in the matter”.

Before Callen moved to have a letter written to the Solid Waste Authority asking them to address these issues, he wanted to be clear on what the letter will entail. Bloom replied that the letter will ask for them to make the fixes to their website so it will be correct and be similar to what the public needs to know.

Hawkins seconds the motion and says he will hand deliver the letter to the person in charge at the next meeting.

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