One Mans Mistake, is his Whole Groups Downfall.

22 Feb

Due to the data fabrications of a colleague, researcher Sophie Martin has decided to retract her paper that was published in the 2015 Journal of Cell Biology. Pranav Ullal admitted to falsifying results along with two figures in his paper after being called by Sophie. Her suspicion first arose when she failed to replicate the results.

Unfortunately these two weren’t the only ones who had been working on the project and due to Ullal fabrications their work was also voided with the retraction of the paper. On the bright side the other researchers who were working on the project aren’t under investigation and aren’t having their future works or projects scrutinized because they didn’t falsify their findings.

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However I think that in the scientific community consequences farthings like this should be harsher. The disregard for his partners work is highly apparent. The fact that he falsified his data shows that he wasn’t as serious about his work or anyone else’s for that matter.

Knowing that he was working in a group you would think that it be better to be completely honest in order to preserve the findings of the other researchers involved with this paper. However Ullal did the opposite which got the entire paper retracted. If you ask me I think he should be barred from publishing anything for a certain amount of time as well as possibly pay a fine.

Things like this happen often and sometimes false data doesn’t come to light. Usually when something turns out to be different from how it was reported it tends to be after someone or something has been negatively affected. In a time where the general public tends to have its doubts about scientific findings as well as the validity of research it should be evident that trust is nothing to be played with.

However you occasionally have people who disregard this in order to make something look better or seem to achieve higher than it can. Fortunately for Sophie Martin and her research group no serious damage was done tiger name or reputation.

In general something need to be done or implemented to help discourage more incidents like this from occurring. Hopefully Ullal will learn from his mistakes and use this negative experience in order to hold truth of his findings as the utmost important aspect of his research so anyone else he works with won’t have to suffer the consequences of his actions as well.

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