The water in the streams of West Virginia remains orange with Trump as President

22 Feb



President Trump revoked the Stream Protection Rule in February of this year. This rule protected against the dumping of hazardous waste into the nearby streams of coal mining communities. This decision will largely effect the wildlife and health of our local streams. As a citizen of West Virginia I am outraged by this action taken by our government. Coal mines should always have to monitor their impact on the environment. The fact that this has to be instated in a rule, for it to be regulated is a problem in itself. The waste produced from coal mining industries and mountain top removal is proven to be very dangerous to the environment as well as our health. The contaminants drastically affect not only the surface water but the ground water, the wildlife and other natural resources.

The Stream Protection Rule was enacted to protect 6,000 miles of streams and 52,000 acres of wildlife. This rule was put in place to restore the environment, and also keep drinking water free from contaminants. The Stream Protection Rule also instituted the replanting of trees, which would ultimately reduce harmful emissions and promote carbon storage. Without this regulation in place to protect the wildlife in our local communities, streams will run orange. The wildlife will be depleted, and the water will be contaminated.

Hiroko Tabuchi, from the NY Times, said “Stream restoration requirements would reduce human exposure to contaminants in the drinking water, and the probability of adverse health effects.” 

President Trump’s decision to remove all of the restrictions and regulations on this act puts the health of the environment and many local coal mining communities at risk. He claims that he is brining jobs back to the coal mining industry by repealing this rule. Unfortunately for miners, it is predicted that even without the Stream Protection Rule, the coal mining industry is on a decline. The environmental impact is far more important than the jobs that will be gained due to this decision. Without regulation or protection against the dumping of toxic acid mining waste there will be devastating long term effects on the ecosystem. The areas where the water sources are polluted by mining waste are left barren of all aquatic life, and can reach for miles downstream. This mining waste contaminates the water sources and the towns who depend on them.



To read more about the effects of acid mine drainage visit:!po=7.14286

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