Morgantown Municipal Airport and Morgantown City Council Talks of Improvement

25 Sep

New business was discussed at the Morgantown City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 19 2017. Of the new business, one of the topics brought upon by the city manager was the improvements at the Morgantown Municipal Airport.

Among the improvements to the Morgantown airport brought up by the City Manager, Paul Brake, was extending the length of the runways from 5,200 ft to 6,601 ft, to extend parallel A that exists at Taxiway A, and to put in an engineered material arresting system (EMAS) at the finish of the runway. City Manager Paul Brake commented about the expansion of the runways saying it, “Would enable larger corporate jets as well as other larger planes to arrive and to takeoff.” As for the EMAS, it is technically used when, “You need additional area that if a plane comes in short, it stop the plane quicker,” said Paul Brake, City Manager.

Of those that was present at the Morgantown City Council meeting on Tuesday night and commented on the Morgantown Municipal Airport was a Morgantown resident, Patrick Hathaway.

“I think the airport improvements are much needed, I think it is long over due. As far as getting from Morgantown to other places you’re options are either to drive to Pittsburgh or drive to Bridgeport. With the current airline that they have in there now, you can fly to Pittsburgh in about 20 minutes,  you can fly to D.C. in about a half hour. I think it is great for people who are wanting to travel either to D.C. and it opens the opportunity for  commuting, and for going to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh hooks up to the international airport so you can pretty much go from Morgantown to Pittsburgh to wherever. Another bonus is it is pretty cheap, and you can park at the Morgantpown airport for free.”

Another bonus to having an improvement upon the Morgantown Municipal Airport was centered around those that are a part of an athletic team and students that attend West Virginia University.

“WVU is a very wide spread school, we have a large reach, we have students from all across the country, we have students from all across the world, and I believe that having an airport in which the student can come to and from Morgantown very easily will definitely increase the attractability of the university  itself. We get a lot of students that come from the middle east, so flying from the middle east and into Pittsburgh, or into Morgantown is huge. As far as for the athletic side, I believe depending upon where the team is traveling, they do either fly out of Bridgeport or Pittsburgh, depending upon where they’re going. I think that keeping that travel in house would be a huge benefit to the university as well because they don’t have to worry about getting the team together to travel to Pittsburgh to get on a plane they can charter a plane in from Morgantown to wherever they’re going and then straight back to Morgantown. Think it would be a lot easier for the athletic department and be a lot easier for the players, and could be a lot easier for the university doing its business traveling as well.”

After the Morgantown City Council meeting and hearing all the different council members discuss the positives of the airport and then listening to Patrick and his opinion, I agree that the improvements and effort being placed in the Morgantown Municipal Airport is a very good and useful idea. As a student at WVU, and someone who lives outside the state of West Virginia, being able to take a plane from an airport around my area would be plenty easier for not just I, but my parents as well or whomever would take the trip with me to drop my belongings off. Living in New Jersey and going to school at WVU, the trips can be very long and a pain.

As for those who live in the Morgantown area that would like to travel, this also could be a much easier plan and solution for their travels. The efforts and improvements to the airport to help those around the Morgantown area and those who are students, like I, who don’t live in West Virginia are greatly appreciated.


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