Trick-or-treating times announced for Halloween in Morgantown

25 Sep

Trick-or-treating hours for the greater Morgantown area were announced at last week’s city council meeting. From 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, October 31, residents of Morgantown – and students of the university alike – will be going door-to-door in costumes collecting candy.

While some believe the 8 p.m. stopping time is perfect, affording kids the luxury of spending Halloween in both light and some darkness, other’s feel it ends too late and could cause unwanted groups lingering throughout the community late into the night.

“I think [in year’s past] it was 6 to 7:30, and so just as it was getting dark it would end and people kind of went home,” questions Jenny Selin of the Fourth Ward. “So I’m not sure that I love this, but if this is somehow safer? I don’t know.”

Daniel Eades, a South Park resident for the last five years, has no concerns of riff-raff happening in the neighborhood on Halloween, aside from the usual pumpkin smashing of course. He and his wife do plan on trick-or-treating in a small group with their 2-year-old daughter though, just to keep a focused eye on her. It’s not just about walking door-to-door collecting candy, though.

“What we usually do is have our friends who have kids over, because it’s easier to keep them corralled on the porch,” explains Eades. “The kids her age, we’ll have them up on the porch to hand out candy [after getting tired going door-to-door].”

While Eades doesn’t speak for every parent in the area, other’s echo his support of the 8 p.m. ending time, even if it’s for different reasons.

“As the father of three young children I think [the time] is good,” claimed Rob Dulaney Jr., representative of the Fifth Ward. “It’s good when you work, when you have a working family. It works to start a little bit later, get some nutritious food in their belly.”

That’s what this 6:30 time slot seems to be most about: family and safety. It allows parents to feed their kids a decent meal before frolicking about town devouring candy from their overflowing pillowcases. Also, they won’t be strolling in at 9 or 10 o’clock. Instead, kids will be home just after 8, giving them plenty of time to unwind and get a good night’s rest.


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