Mon County schools meet savings goal five years ahead of time

14 Feb

Reporter: Shannon MacNeil

Monongalia County schools meet their savings goal five years ahead of time.  They are in “Phase 1” of a Guaranteed Savings project, which started November 2012.   This project stared out costing $2,324,769 and has so far saved the county $871, 348 in five years. There are a few reasons why Energy Savings Group presented this in the first place. One reason is to enhance the learning environment by fixing lighting, temperature controls, and improving air quality.  Another reason is to create more efficient use of finances by reducing energy, operation, and maintenance costs, and making sure no new funds or taxes are required.  Their plan involved reducing maintance needs, mitigating risks, and reducing overall emissions.

Some of the schools needed serious updating.  “Some of the lights we cant even find bulbs for anymore,” said School Board member, Frank Devono Here is a list of different projects on schools that have been completed according to ESG’s report.  Brookhaven Elementary: controls and energy recovery unit bearing replacement.  Morgantown High: lighting improvements.  MTEC: HVAC system upgrades and controls.  Mountainview Elementary: retrocommissioning, controls, HVAC system upgrades.  North Elementary: controls, HVAC system upgrades.  Ridgedale Elementary: controls and HVAC system upgrades.  South Middle: lighting upgrades, controls, and HVAC improvements.  Westwood Middle: controls.    The way the school district pays for this service is through the amount of savings they receive. The ESG is an Indiana based energy service company.  They are consisted of engineers, project managers, and energy and operations specialists.  When asked how these savings were achieved in such short time, “We like to over achieve, our goal is to blow General Savings out of the water,” said Audra Blackwell, business development manager for ESG after Tuesdays school board meeting.  The guaranteed savings for four years from ESG was $440, 195.  They call this project “A Model of Success.”

The next Board of Education meeting is set for Tuesday, February 27.


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