BBC Cameraman Shoved By Trump Supported During Rally In El Paso, Texas

28 Feb

This event is fairly recent.  Before I get into the legal and ethical importance, I first have to talk about how in May of 2018, it was ruled unconstitutional for President Trump to block people on twitter who had differing ideas. (   That was seen as an attack on the first amendment.  Here we are in 2019 and a Trump supporter attacks a BBC cameraman.  This type of news isn’t very new.  Trump supporters have been attacking people at their rallies for years now.  However, this time Trump supporters have attacked a part of the news media.  You can’t kill the messenger.  The messenger is there because they give the information to the rest of the country in the world.  The problem here is not mainly what a Trump supporter did, but what President Trump repeatedly does at rallies.  He taunts the and criticizes the press.  He alienates the press, for sometimes no reason.  That creates a sense of dissatisfaction and the crowd starts to boo the press.  Now one cameraman has several thousand people all screaming at him… for no reason.  It is only a matter of time until things like this start happening more and more.  To add to that, Trump does not proceed to discourage violence at his rallies.  There is video in the past of him actively egging on his supporters to attack the opposition.  The White House repeatedly attempts to speak for the President, saying that Trump does not condone violence, but Trump never says it.  In 1989, the rap group NWA played their song, “Fuck Tha Police” in Detroit.  They were previously told by the police that they would be arrested if they played the song.  NWA then plays the song and the police shutdown the show. (  If President Trump tells his people to attack the media and talks down on them and the media gets attacked by his supporters, he should be held liable as NWA was held liable.  Only difference between the two situations is that NWA had nothing to be liable for.  It was simply the act of saying, “Fuck Tha Police” that made the police shutdown the show.

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