Former Arizona Sheriff Suing New York Times for $147.5 MILLION

28 Feb

Joe Arpaio, a former sheriff announced that he will be suing New York Times for $147.5 million on behalf of an article  containing information on his abuse of power. Arapio claims that he was caught in a false light, and has suffered some losses since the release of the post. In 2017 the sheriff was convicted of a crime, because he refused to listen to a federal judge. He was told to stop arresting individuals solely on their immigration status, but he did not follow; he continued to racially profile the community in which he lives in. He would arrest individuals based on their ethnicity, and it just so happened that latin residents were targeted. During this time, Trump’s marketing campaign “build the wall” was at it’s, so it seemed like a perfect fit to racially profile and get away with it.

In the article by NYT, author Michelle Cottle, explained that it wasn’t the first time Arapio has been caught not following protocol. The jail he was working for received a lot of complaints on the mistreatment of inmates. It was known that the jail, abused and humiliated their inmates, and in some cases denied medical care leaving their inmates to die. Although, some may argue that this treatment is okay simply because they are criminals, i believe it is certainly not ethical. Not all individuals who are put behind bars are actually horrifying humans. First of all everyone isn’t exactly guilty of their crime, it may just happen to be wrong place and wrong timing. Whatever the situation is, inmates should not be mistreated and officers should not be given the opportunity to. Not only was the jail he worked for known for abuse, it also had the highest suicide rate in the county. Inmates would hang themselves, and there would be no evidence leading up to the assumption. Arapio has also been convicted of failure to investigate sex crimes.

Before, Arapio could be sentenced for his convictions, he was pardoned by President Donald Trump himself. He was a huge trump supporter and it showed within his action, the racial profiling, the abuse, the disobeying, it all made sense. It it still surprises me that can someone get away with abusing their power for years and years, by not facing any consequences.

The lawsuit against NYT explains that the article has severely damaged Arapio’s future career in politics. He announced earlier this year that he plans to run for senate in 2020. But, with most of the people against him it will be hard for him to win the election. This isn’t his first time down this trail, he ran for Arizona senate in 2016 and lost to another republican, Martha Mcsally. As he doesn’t want this humiliation to occur again, he claims that Cottle’s perception of him in the article will hurt his numbers in his 2020 political campaign. Arapio is being represented by Larry Klayman, who is a chairman for the highly conservative group, Freedom Watch. Klayman, who formed the group, is known to be a racist conspiracy theorist, so it doesn’t come to a surprise that they are working together for this lawsuit. Klayman, was actually the one who formed a petition to deport Barack Obama, during the scandal of his citizenship status.; this shows his opinions and credibility.

Klayman has many failed lawsuits under his wing, will this one be next?


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