Domestic Violence Month in Morgantown WV

2 Oct

The City of Morgantown held their regularly scheduled meeting at the Municipal Building on Tuesday evening. Board member, Brian McCalister and victim advocate, Carl Phlegar proclaimed that October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Phlegar helps run the Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center in Monongalia County. His goal is to help victims restore power back into their lives. The RDVIC has a 24/7 support system that victims can call for relief. The phone number is 304-292-5100.

While the RDVIC can not really prevent domestic violence from occurring, they can provide the proper confidential help to get victims in a safer place. The RDVIC goes with clients to get protective orders, helps create safety plans and walks with the victims every step of the way.

Phlegar said, “What I do unfortunately is relative, it’s difficult to prevent, but it’s best to start young and prevent the rape and domestic violence culture in general.”

The RDVIC utilizes a system that responds to each victim in a different way. Phlegar understands that not every domestic violence case needs to be handled the exact same way. All cases are unique to the victim and must be treated as such. Phlegar believes that him along with the RDVIC have made a big difference in the community.

Not everyone is pleased with what McCalister and Phlegar are doing. During an interview with Phlegar, a citizen yelled obscenities at McCalister and Phlegar. McCalister brushed it off and said jokingly, “that’s just one of my fans.”

The citizen quickly left the scene repeatedly screaming, “do something, stop talking!”

While it remains unclear what this particular citizen was so fired up about, it shows how difficult rape and domestic violence can be to handle. Phlegar remains committed to bringing awareness not just in October, but year round.

“I think it’s important to note that we must be aware every month, not just in October, but every single month,” said Phlegar.

The RDVIC also helps keep victims safe throughout the dangerous cycle of leaving a domestic violence situation. Phlegar says that the most dangerous part about domestic violence is trying to get out of it. Domestic violence is all about having control over a victim. Whenever the perpetrator feels like they have lost power, they will try and do everything to retain it.

I am very excited that the city is bringing awareness to rape and domestic violence. At the end of the day, everyone is in danger and everyone needs to be aware. The fact that the RDVIC has a 24/7 phone line and helps victims the way they need to be helped is perfect. As much as I hate to say it, domestic violence will always be around. However, Phlegar, McCalister and everyone else staffed has done an amazing job helping the victims get the care they need.

I feel like this is a great way to give victims hope and relief following such a traumatic event. I also think that having a system in place will help people get out of difficult situations. I believe that all domestic violence situations are created differently. Not everyone can get out of a situation because it’s more complex than it seems. I love that the RDVIC goes about it in many ways and doesn’t stick to a concrete template when providing victims with help.




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