homeless in morgantown are empty handed

3 Oct

Omar Almulla



Homeless in Morgantown

Being homeless is a problem in the society for not being able to provide citizens with enough jobs. It is the unbalance from the government to have less jobs than the demand. Many people have skills and talents and also experience. However, only one-third of them will get well paid jobs and the second third will get fair paid jobs, where the last third will be under the title “unemployed” till hey get a job or they be homeless. Being homeless is not always a choice as some says, because many of them don’t have the choice to not be homeless. If it was choices problem, then the homelessness rate should drop down, because no one want to be a homeless if it was a choice.

Homeless people are not getting their full rights as it should be. It is not costly for the governments to take good care of homeless people. Even though they do have shelters around the United States specially for homeless people, it doesn’t mean it has enough space for all of them. Many of them are sleeping on the street without security or climate protection! Many of homeless people are not even able to provide a meal in a day to survive. For them, their life is basically about how can they survive every day without dying.

For example, homelessness in Morgantown has became an issue where both the homeless people and the citizens are suffering from it. To put this simply with facts to be more understandable. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, in 2018 the data shows that there is about 1,243 homeless people living in West Virginia. 7 people are homeless for every 10,000 citizens in the general population. About %76 of the homeless people are sheltered, where the other %14 are not sheltered. In Morgantown particularly, the homeless people can’t afford sleeping areas. While the church trying best to help them, there isn’t enough space to help everyone. Only 27 spaces for homeless people to sleep at, where the rest sleep on streets.

Some of the businessmen owners are having problems with the homeless people. Because they come to the businessmen places and bothers them. “I have been bothered by homeless people in front of my restaurant store, and I also got a family in the store on High Street, where this is a big issue for me”. Lizzy Albert said.  Also, another woman who is a mother of a daughter got threatened by homeless 4 times. She tried to reach the police department to solve the issue. “recently one of them threatened to kill me, it took 2 weeks an 11 phone calls to get the police to take report on the issues”. Nyla Forest.

Homelessness is a huge issue in the United States and need a solution as soon as possible to avoid conflicts in the society and unnecessary actions. solving this problem will prevent many issues such as feeling unsecure to business owners and to the citizens also.




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