National 4-H Week Comes to Monongalia County

9 Oct

It’s national 4-H week, and The Monongalia County School Board was greeted with a special presentation at their monthly meeting on Tuesday.

Lucy Lambert, a former Skyview Elementary School student, and 4-H Camp Helper, was accompanied by her former teacher at Skyview, Christie Cumberbatch, as she came to tell the Morgantown school board just how important the Monongalia County 4-H program is to those involved.

“It’s so great, I learned how to be charismatic and work on my public speaking,” Lambert said. “I love the friends that I’ve met along the way and I feel like I know them better than everybody in my class.”

4-H is a nation-wide charity organization with the mission of, “engaging youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development.”  4-H is spread across more than 100 universities, and actively employs more than 3,500 professionals and 500,000 volunteers. 4-H is open to anybody from the ages of 9 to 21 years of age, and may participate in variety of activities, such as summer camps, sports leagues, and community outreach events.

The Monongalia County 4-H program runs year-round and is offered at a variety of locations.  They hold activities monthly such as going to the State Fair, farm visits, community service events, a Kids Day, and much more.  They also have numerous 6-week summer camps that are offered annually at various schools within the district.

The program is in the stages of planning a Kids Day, which is an event that is used as a tool to get kids to join Energy Express.  Energy Express is a program set up under WVU Extension Service and AmeriCorps that sets up a mentorship program between elementary and middle school with a WVU student.

4-H and Energy Express both work in conjunction with West Virginia University and within the WVU Extension Service, which helps to connect West Virginia University, its students, and its faculty with the Morgantown and Monongalia County community.  These services provide WVU students with a unique opportunity.

The county’s 4-H program plays a major role in offering community service opportunities and volunteer opportunities.  With many West Virginia University students looking for volunteer hours and something to add to their resume, 4-H is a great way for students to get involved in the community and inspire a younger generation to give back and get involved in the community in a positive way.

With the words, ‘Education…Empowers…Excellence…,’ painted over their heads, the Monongalia County School Board seemed to be rather impressed with the presentation from Lucy Lambert and the current activities of the Monongalia County 4-H program. Board member, Mike Kelly, seemed to be the most impressed by the presentation.

“I believe public speaking is so important,” said Kelly.  “She [Lambert] is a great example of public speaking and I hope that this can continue to happen in the 4-H Club.”

Studies suggest that adolescents who participate in 4-H will do better in school, are more motivated to help others, feel safe to try new things, achieve a sense of self-esteem, and develop lasting friendships.

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