School Cash Online Agreement Passed

9 Oct

Solving issues and difficulties that face Morgantown city schools and its staff is one of the major key roles of the Morgantown Board of Education. One of those issues at this week’s Board of Education meeting was updating the antiquated pay system created by Monongalia County to adapt to new methods of payments sent in by the parents of their students.

Until today, parents had to pay for events like fundraisers and field trips by giving either cash or check to their children. Children would then have to give that payment to their teacher who is then required to fill out a cash summary form specifying the student name, payment method, and amount paid. The total would then have to be submitted to the school financial secretary.

At this week’s Morgantown Board of Education meeting, the board’s treasurer Nicole Kemper put forth a proposal to alleviate some of this burdensome process. The School Cash Online Agreement would enable parents to make online payments. Parents will be able to register for this new program and then complete payments via e-mail. There would be many benefits from this new software. “The record-keeping will be better. It will automatically be deposited and generate a receipt, and then it will automatically create a deposit for them,” Kemper said in an interview. The process will now use Microsoft Excel sheets instead of the old cash summary sheets which were handwritten.

Kemper said that the annual cost of the program that will be $9,172 with a one-time implementation fee of $12,000. Other board members gave support to this proposal, reasoning that when you think about the administrative problems this solves, it is well worth the price being paid

The board passed the School Cash Online Agreement unanimously.

The rest of their agenda can be found on their website.

Kemper said that the kick-off for the project will be tonight. They will be training for the schools’ financial secretaries and news releases will be sent out to inform parents of the new system of payment. The project is estimated to be ready for commencement in January.

It is exciting to see that Monongalia county is investing more in making the jobs of its teachers easier. Giving them a more streamlined method of accepting payments gives teachers more time to focus their efforts on teaching students and creating a better class environment. I can’t help but feel that this has kind of program should have come to local schools a long time ago, but I am happy to see that the board of education is acting on this.

An article written by Worldplay lays out the benefits of accepting card transactions as a business. It says that using credit cards will streamline operations for a business and minimize risk and error during the transaction.

Other government agencies such as those at the courthouse are still in the process of transitioning from cash and checks to card. It is often a matter of securing the funding to make this change that is the issue.

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