School Payments Get Techie

9 Oct

If you look at the history of technological advancements, we are living in a very impressive time. It has become clear that things we once did a certain way have become fully automated; or the tech is very close. This trend has started to leak into the Monongalia County Schools.

This week’s School Board Meeting ended by discussing how they can keep up with the technological changes. Super Intendant, Eddie Campbell and the entire Morgantown Board of Education, voted in favor of a new and tech savvy online payment system. This payment system, named School Cash Online, is designed to allow parents to simply and easily deposit funds into their child’s school account. With this new system parents will have the ability to send money for school lunches, field trips and most other school activities.

Morgantown Board of Education member, Mike Kelly, has been around the Monongalia County School District since his days at University High and had this to say.

“Well, it will all be localized. It will be one sent, instead of five different emails. And the funding will be much better for our secretaries,” Kelly said.

In the past, parents with multiple children in the district would receive duplicate emails. This is because each child was basically in a separate file. Because each student account was individual, this required parents to send each child with a check, or cash to school. The student then had to be trusted to bring the money, to their teacher. This process put a lot of pressure on the student and teacher, to successfully bring it to the secretaries; who had to account for all of the different payments coming in.

School Cash Online makes this whole process obsolete. Now, parents will have the option to sign up for the online service and simply make deposits through email. The School Cash Online system also has the ability to link all the children in a certain house into one account. This simple step makes payment for multiple children families far easier and declutters their inbox.

“The overall accountability will be overall more concise, more clear and more connected. Everybody will be on the same page.” Kelly said.

Incorporating School Cash Online is far more streamline and will be very beneficial to the students and families. But it cannot be ignored how important it is to the people working in the offices processing all of that paper work. Previously, the secretaries at the schools would be handling countless envelopes of money and checks; having to record all of it into a software system.

This major reduction in paper is another bonus in itself. It is hard to imagine the amount of paper that was being used for the payment forms alone. This system can help reduce annual paper costs. This article goes deeper into this issue: “Going Paperless Benefits Teachers, Students- and the Bottom Line.” In the article, author Alliv Samson covers a few reason why going paperless in schools can benefit everyone, including how much money schools can save.



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