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To accept, or not to accept…

24 Apr

by Nick Foutrakis Ethics are a big part of anyone’s life, especially that of a professional journalist. Often times, ‘the ethical thing’ may get in the way of breaking the big story or even choosing to not run the story at all. Ethical codes were put in place for journalists so they can complete their […]

Morgantown adopts gun ban, despite pleas from citizens.

26 Feb

By Nick Foutrakis MORGANTOWN, W. Va. — Morgantown City Council barely passed an ordinance prohibiting guns in municipal buildings and on city-owned property. The ordinance was passed after a four to three vote decided on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Councilors Bill Kawecki, Nancy Ganz, Jenny Selin and Marti Shamberger voted in favor of the ordinance while […]