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School Payments Get Techie

9 Oct

If you look at the history of technological advancements, we are living in a very impressive time. It has become clear that things we once did a certain way have become fully automated; or the tech is very close. This trend has started to leak into the Monongalia County Schools. This week’s School Board Meeting […]

Walnut Street Business Owners Clarify Prior Claims and Concerns at City Council Meeting

9 Oct

For the second Morgantown City Council meeting in a row, Walnut Street business owners voiced concerns and complaints about undesirable behavior near their store fronts, believed to be related to the presence of Friendship House — a shelter and resource center operated by Milan Puskar Health Right. At the Sept. 17 meeting, Gary Tannenbaum of Blue […]

Morgantown Business Owners Take To City Council To Address Homelessness Downtown.

7 Oct

Homelessness is a visible problem in the heart of downtown Morgantown that has largely been neglected by the city government. So, on Oct. 1 business owners and local residents took to the Morgantown City Council to voice their concerns and explain the negative impacts being placed on their businesses and homes. A majority of business […]

Social problems in Morgantown, WV

2 Oct

Social problems in Morgantown, WV In my blog today, I want to bring to attention some very serious social issues that are negatively affecting development in Morgantown. These are homelessness, drug addiction and crime. The problem of vagrancy in the town is so dire that you cannot walk down the streets without encountering a homeless person. […]

City Council Remains Timid When Addressing Diversity

2 Oct

By: Marshall Kesterson Members of the Morgantown city council voted unanimously to approve a resolution for adopting the “Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”. The purpose of this vote was to allow for further discussion and review of the plan before any final vote is made on the adoption of an ordinance for the […]

Homelessness, a growing problem in Morgantown

2 Oct

Homelessness has been an issue in Morgantown for years. With places like the Friendship Room and Christian Help opening downtown, more and more homeless are seen congregating on the streets and sidewalks. There were some differing opinions on the homelessness issue during the public comment portion of the Morgantown City Council meeting on Tuesday evening, […]

Morgantown City Council Seeks Diversity & Inclusivity

2 Oct

The City of Morgantown faces many issues relating to the inclusivity of people from diverse backgrounds in the community. Many residents wish to move forward in making the city more open to diversity and have voiced their concerns on how they want Morgantown to achieve that goal. The City Council meeting held on October 1st, […]

“Community Means Unity”

2 Oct

Inclusion. It’s something everybody wants to feel whether it be in school, at work, or in their community. That was the hot topic of the Morgantown City Council meeting held on October 1, 2019. Many citizens of Morgantown came forward that evening to discuss that simply putting up a sign saying that Morgantown is inclusive […]