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Neighborhood Coordinating Council Helps Better the City of Morgantown

9 Feb

On Monday February 8th town officials and residents of Morgantown assembled together to attend its Neighborhood Coordinating Council. The meetings was held in City Hall Council Chambers, 389 Spruce Street. Representatives from each neighborhood came to talk about the problems they are having with their neighborhood as well as find out what is going on […]

MUB Proposal Leaves Mixed Feelings

9 Feb

The Morgantown Utility Board (MUB) presented proposals in front of a panel of council members that focused on improving the water and sewer systems. During the meeting, the city council and MUB discussed the budget to increase the effectiveness of both. Bill Kawecki, Second Ward council man and Deputy Mayor, discussed how the effectiveness of […]

Somebody call 9-1-1…

17 Sep

Talk to any student at WVU who has placed a call to 9-1-1 for an emergency recently—they will all tell you the wait time to get a response is too long. It’s an emergency after all, and should be treated as such. But has anyone cared to dig deeper into why the wait is so […]

Feathers are ruffled over Morgantown’s chicken ordinance

17 Sep

Of all the things Morgantown’s City Council could talk about at it’s regular Tuesday night meeting, nearly two hours were spent discussing one thing: chickens. As it turns out, the people of Morgantown are passionate about their chickens. So when they heard that the council considered changing the ordinance that permits residents to own an unlimited […]

Expand or Restrict Parking First?

17 Sep

By: Emily Eisenhuth Do you live in Morgantown, WV? Do you go to school in Morgantown? If so then you know that parking here is a scarce resource and quite annoying to find on the streets or in parking buildings like the Mountainlair. At the Morgantown City Council meeting on Sept. 15, the issue of […]

Cock-a-doodle-Do or Don’t?

16 Sep

The chicken crisis causing controversy for the City Council is taking over Morgantown and all its inhabitants. At the Morgantown City Council meeting on Sept. 15, the issue of considering approval of amending article 505 of the general offenses code regulating the keeping of animals and fowl was debated, leaving residents and council members at […]

Misinformation on Morgantown crime attributing to the city’s negative image

10 Feb

The city of Morgantown’s Neighborhood Coordinating Council met on Monday night to discuss local issues and suggest ways of improvement. The council, comprised of the leaders of nine Morgantown neighborhood associations and one business association, bring to light the issues and new initiatives happening in the neighborhoods and relay new information back to their residents. […]

Morgantown Crime

10 Feb

Crime was the main topic of discussion at last night’s Neighborhood Coordinating Council meeting. Officer Robert Balderson shared the statistics from the Morgantown Police Department, which included 3654 total calls and 91 arrests for the month of January.  The Police Department received 24 calls for arson, 1 for kidnapping, 13 for drugs, and 15 for […]

City Council moves to appeal court decision on truck ordinance

10 Feb

Anyone in Morgantown, W.Va., can see the tension caused by the growing influx of industrial trucks downtown. Councilors discussed this issue, among others, at the City Council meeting on Feb. 3. These large commercial trucks,which pass through and cause issues without contributing anything to Morgantown’s economy, cause pollution, road damage, traffic congestion and noise in […]

Neighborhood Associations, Aiming to Decrease Crime in Morgantown

10 Feb

On this Monday night in Morgantown, West Virginia, the Neighborhood Coordinating Council had their monthly meeting at Morgantown City Hall. Several topics were discussed among the neighborhood representative officers throughout the meeting, but the hottest topic, by far, was crime in Morgantown. As we all know there have been numerous home break-ins and armed robberies […]