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To Publish or Not to Publish

27 Apr

For this week’s blog post on ethical dilemmas in journalism I spoke with someone who was confronted with one and dealt with it firsthand. This individual was in a position that made his decision carry great weight for his career and company. His decision could have a good outcome or result in consequences of epic […]

Misinformation on Morgantown crime attributing to the city’s negative image

10 Feb

The city of Morgantown’s Neighborhood Coordinating Council met on Monday night to discuss local issues and suggest ways of improvement. The council, comprised of the leaders of nine Morgantown neighborhood associations and one business association, bring to light the issues and new initiatives happening in the neighborhoods and relay new information back to their residents. […]

Morgantown Crime

10 Feb

Crime was the main topic of discussion at last night’s Neighborhood Coordinating Council meeting. Officer Robert Balderson shared the statistics from the Morgantown Police Department, which included 3654 total calls and 91 arrests for the month of January.  The Police Department received 24 calls for arson, 1 for kidnapping, 13 for drugs, and 15 for […]

Neighborhood Coordinating Council

10 Feb

This past Monday, the Neighborhood Coordinating Council held their monthly meeting to discuss neighborhood issues, with crime being the main focus. Officer Balderson, a representative of the Morgantown Police Department, spoke to the council about the latest data and statistics, as well as measures that the police department is taking. Officer Balderson addressed the concern […]

Neighborhood Associations, Aiming to Decrease Crime in Morgantown

10 Feb

On this Monday night in Morgantown, West Virginia, the Neighborhood Coordinating Council had their monthly meeting at Morgantown City Hall. Several topics were discussed among the neighborhood representative officers throughout the meeting, but the hottest topic, by far, was crime in Morgantown. As we all know there have been numerous home break-ins and armed robberies […]