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The Balancing Act of Ethics

28 Apr

Journalists face ethical dilemmas on their day-to-day routine. Amelia Ferrell, a reporter and producer for WOWK 13 News in Charleston, WV said that she most frequently deals with the possible issue of harming someone’s reputation. She said that she often uses tips from law enforcement and public servants to confirm breaking news but reporting ethically […]

Source or friend, where to draw the line?

28 Apr

Good journalism is rarely done without good sources. Sources are a journalist’s lifeline, and it’s easy and natural for a journalist to empathize with his or her sources on a personal level. But as a journalist’s first obligation is always to the truth, one can never get too close to a source, or risk personal […]

Unintended victims left in the aftermath

27 Apr

by Paige Czyzewski It’s raining lightly as I sit outside the bookstore on my laptop waiting. Focusing on the work in front of me, I absentmindedly wave to classmates who call my name when they walk by. I’m too consumed to fully look up, but my eyes rise once I notice a figure has steadily […]