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One Mans Mistake, is his Whole Groups Downfall.

22 Feb

Due to the data fabrications of a colleague, researcher Sophie Martin has decided to retract her paper that was published in the 2015 Journal of Cell Biology. Pranav Ullal admitted to falsifying results along with two figures in his paper after being called by Sophie. Her suspicion first arose when she failed to replicate the […]

Scientists Challenge 14-Day Human Embryo Growth

22 Feb

As research gives sight of critical period of human development, Scientists propose the reconsideration of 14-day legal embryo experimentation limit. Researchers from Cambridge University have made an alarming, conflictual discovery regarding the growth of human embryos, keeping them alive beyond the stage when they would implant a mother’s womb. In the study the embryos were […]

Impending Use of Gene Editing Brings Controversy

22 Feb

According to a recent report from the National Academies of Sciences, germline editing for clinical trials of heritable diseases could one day be permitted for serious conditions. However, only non-heritable clinical trials to treat or prevent diseases and disabilities are permitted at this time. Editing the genetic makeup of human embryos is now coming into […]