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Morgantown locals cry out for pedestrian safety

14 Feb

Frustration and grief filled the faces of West Virginia University students, concerned citizens and city officials that crowded into the tiny conference room at the Public Safety Building for the Pedestrian Safety Board meeting Monday evening. The meeting discussed Leah Berhanu, who was struck and killed by a vehicle, while walking through a crosswalk at […]

Somebody call 9-1-1…

17 Sep

Talk to any student at WVU who has placed a call to 9-1-1 for an emergency recently—they will all tell you the wait time to get a response is too long. It’s an emergency after all, and should be treated as such. But has anyone cared to dig deeper into why the wait is so […]

Is it ok to disclose a victim’s name?

28 Apr

As journalists, our main goal is to put accurate and timely news out to the public. In many cases, the news deals with sensitive subjects. It’s important that the public knows about these issues, but where do we draw the line on what is ethical to include in a story? In 2011, Courtney Clark was […]

Lines We Shouldn’t Cross

28 Apr

Journalists face a lot of challenges, whether it may be finding timely stories, building relationships with sources or collecting data. One challenge that is often overlooked, given this generation’s bloggers and other pseudo-journalists, is ethics. Blogs, which are filled with fictitious and fabricated information, plagiarized ideas and personal opinions, have blurred the lines between journalism, […]

To Publish or Not to Publish

27 Apr

For this week’s blog post on ethical dilemmas in journalism I spoke with someone who was confronted with one and dealt with it firsthand. This individual was in a position that made his decision carry great weight for his career and company. His decision could have a good outcome or result in consequences of epic […]

Wireless Mesh Networks in Morgantown

10 Feb

The Neighborhood Coordinating Council meets every second Monday of each month to discuss the various concerns that community residents would like addressed in the municipal government. The meeting on Feb. 9 brought up many topics of discussion. Everything from litter on the rail trail to public safety concerns were brought up in the meeting. The […]