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Assistant Editor Urges Writer To Feature Only One Athlete

26 Apr

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette started in 1786 and is the largest daily newspaper serving metropolitan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nicholas Tolomeo is a part-time sports writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He covers various high school sports around the Pittsburgh area. Every week the editor assigns each writer to an area they must cover whether it is North, South, […]

Just Roll With It

9 Feb

To a majority bicycling is stereotyped by the short, tight, spandex wearing health nut that lives, sleeps, and breathes bike riding. However, many do not know that bicycling is becoming more popular everyday. Whether it is in the middle of winter or pouring down rain many communities are motivating residents to ride all year around […]

Reporting the Facts and Not Playing Favorites

28 Apr

There is many times in every journalist’s career that they will face an ethical dilemma. One branch that seems spared from this often times is a sports reporter. More often than not, their job consists of covering games verbatim and reporting the facts of what happened in the last game. However, ethical dilemmas are not […]