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Journalist uses caution to ensure his success

26 Apr

by: Shannon MacNeil Starting off your career can be a challenging thing for some, it’s like one wrong move could jeopardize the rest of your life.  This causes some recent grads to be extra cautious on the job. Will Dean, a recent graduate from West Virginia University, has been working as a journalist for the […]

Ethics in Political Reporting

25 Apr

A “normal” day for Pennsylvania Legislative Services reporter, Jessica Richardson, can be anything from attending committee meetings, covering a press conference or attending an unannounced meeting in Harrisburg. However, almost all of her time is spent in the Capitol covering legislation in the works. Talking to politicians used to intimidate Richardson, who started as an […]

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Faces Biggest Ethical Dilemma Covering Ugly 2012 Senate Campaign

25 Apr

Finding yourself in the middle of ethical dilemmas can become commonplace for all journalists, even the really successful ones. Eric Eyre, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the Charleston Gazette Mail, was writing a story about a controversy involving a candidate running for West Virginia state Senate when he found himself in the biggest ethical […]

How Chris Parypa Dealt with Stolen Content

25 Apr

As someone who lives in Berlin, Maryland during the seasonal times of the year, I have quickly taken an interest in Chris Parypa, one of Ocean City’s most highly recognized reporters and photographers. In a recent weekend trip back to Maryland, I was lucky enough to interview him about the biggest ethical issue he has […]

An ethical problem on the local level

25 Apr

The Cobb County Courier may be a small paper, but it faces its fair share of ethical dilemmas. “There are a bunch of small ethical decisions during the course of a day,” said Larry Johnson, the editor and publisher of the Cobb County Courier, an online Georgia news source which he created nearly three years […]

Conflicts Of Interest In The Horror Critic Community

25 Apr

In the tight-knit horror community, it’s not uncommon for film critics to be friends with the creators whose content they review. And for micro budget indie films, oftentimes with budgets for as low as $5000, a good review from a prominent website can be critical to receiving distribution. editor Josh Millican knows this all […]

An Ethical Dilemma: The Battle Against Bias

15 Apr

“We are human beings; we are a product of how we were raised and what we have learned.” Hoppy Kercheval said. “It’s a constant struggle to minimize bias.” As a forty-year veteran in the journalism industry, Kercheval is no stranger to the difficulty of remaining unbiased in reporting. The biggest ethical dilemma he has faced […]

Morgantown pedestrian safety left at a standstill

14 Feb

Members of the Student Government Association (SGA) have announced that the will be working with other government agencies and community leaders to create a safe walk where they will target streets and sidewalks in Morgantown that need fixing in-order-to keep pedestrians safe. This announcement comes almost two weeks after West Virginia University student, Leah Berhanu […]

Mon County schools meet savings goal five years ahead of time

14 Feb

Reporter: Shannon MacNeil Monongalia County schools meet their savings goal five years ahead of time.  They are in “Phase 1” of a Guaranteed Savings project, which started November 2012.   This project stared out costing $2,324,769 and has so far saved the county $871, 348 in five years. There are a few reasons why Energy Savings […]

Monongalia County Board of Education supports its teachers

14 Feb

On Tuesday night, the Monongalia County Board of Education unanimously voted on a resolution that would support competitive wages for educators within the county. With supplemental funds coming from the levy, entry-level teachers in Monongalia County are already making the highest salary in West Virginia. Service personnel make the second-highest. A coalition of teachers, Nancy […]