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When family members won’t face ethics

12 Apr

Ethics and family in braindead patients The first ethical principal that physicians must apply to their practice is the Hippocratic oath: above all, do no harm. The second is that patients should get to choose their own treatment. However, what is the most ethical solution when the patient is not in a position to speak […]

Ethical Dilemmas in journalism

12 Apr

There are many ethical dilemmas in Journalism. Pam Queen, the Managing Editor of the Dominion Post shared her thoughts on the topic. As managing editor she explained that she was trained to be aware of how these ethical issues can come up, and with that training she has avoided them. “Though Morgantown is growing, it […]

Patient care hinges on ethical dilemmas

12 Apr

In her 5 years as a palliative care nurse, Lisa has experienced more death and ethical dilemmas than most do in a lifetime. Last month, she handled a case that highlights two complex points of conflict: one for herself, balancing conflicting duties as a nurse, and one for a surgeon, held to a bureaucratic practice […]

The Grey Area–When Ethics aren’t Always Black and White

12 Apr

For some reason, it seems like a great deal of the public believes that scientists are out to get them, whether it be by poisoning your food with GMOs or using autism-causing vaccines on your children. Scientists have gotten a bad rap lately. And while some scientists aren’t doing anything to help their case, not […]

Authorship in Scientific Literature

12 Apr

Assigning authorship to scientific literature can be a complicated task. There is no clearly written criteria that determines eligibility for authorship of a manuscript pending publication. However, there is a growing problem in the scientific community where increasing numbers of scientific literature of persons granted authorship that are unjustified. Unethical practices in authorship include: Pressured […]

Q&A with newly appointed secretary of the DEP, Austin Caperton

1 Mar

By Erin Drummond   Tension lingered in the air as citizens of West Virginia stared at the member of the state’s government, glaring as he answered question after question with the same three words: “I don’t know.” As Austin Caperton entered his second month in as the newly appointed secretary for the Department of Environmental […]

Sierra Student Coalition holds forum for DEP

1 Mar

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection held a forum sponsored by the Sierra Student Coalition on Monday, February 28th. This forum was put together to help introduce the new secretary, Austin Caperton, and environmental advocate, Ed Maguire, while also giving the people of West Virginia the opportunity to speak up about their concerns. DEP […]

West Virginia DEP Secretary, Austin Caperton, Faces Tough Crowd At First Public Forum

28 Feb

By: Mariah Congedo The Sierra Student Coalition hosted newly appointed, secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, Austin Caperton on Monday evening. Caperton and his environmental advocate, Ed Maguire were faced with many angered citizens of West Virginia regarding several economic topics. Caperton has only been in office for forty days and says this was […]

Morgantown adopts gun ban, despite pleas from citizens.

26 Feb

By Nick Foutrakis MORGANTOWN, W. Va. — Morgantown City Council barely passed an ordinance prohibiting guns in municipal buildings and on city-owned property. The ordinance was passed after a four to three vote decided on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Councilors Bill Kawecki, Nancy Ganz, Jenny Selin and Marti Shamberger voted in favor of the ordinance while […]

Drawing the line on Euthanasia

22 Feb

By Isaac Zivkovic The British Columbia Civil Liberties Union (BCCLA) is currently challenging the constitutionality of physician assisted deaths in Canada. Bill C-14 was voted into effect last June and outlines various safeguards for patients who may wish to request physician assisted death — otherwise conventionally known as euthanasia. Should a person be old enough […]