A journalist’s perspective on handling ethical issues

24 Apr

By Erin Drummond A journalist’s career consists of making difficult, ethical choices. Some take a hazardous route, resulting in “fake news,” lawsuits, and other negative outcomes. Others follow what they believe in, doing their best to prevent unethical situations. Emily Daniels, the City Editor for The Journal in Martinsburg, WVa., recalled a personal ethical dilemma […]

To accept, or not to accept…

24 Apr

by Nick Foutrakis Ethics are a big part of anyone’s life, especially that of a professional journalist. Often times, ‘the ethical thing’ may get in the way of breaking the big story or even choosing to not run the story at all. Ethical codes were put in place for journalists so they can complete their […]

Risking the Ethics: A Prostitution Article Dilemma

24 Apr

Dave Gossett, a reporter for the Herald-Star, isn’t a stranger to ethical issues. With almost 43 years of being in the journalism field under his belt, he’s been faced with many ethical dilemmas.  However, one that stuck out in his mind the most was one pertaining to a three-part series called Life on the Streets: […]

To Break or Not to Break?

24 Apr

By: Ashley Rogers Former WVU student and current WTRF-TV sports reporter Jordan Crammer has had her share of ethical dilemmas. And with every dilemma there is a chance to learn from it. She learned and gained a lot from one issue she has faced. Although she has been working for about a year, she has […]

Ethical Dilemma-NCAA Basketball Tournament

22 Apr

By: Mariah Congedo WTOV9 sports reporter, Julianne Pelusi says that she does not always face ethical dilemmas in sports reporting, however she remembered one instance that could have significantly hurt her image. While the basketball NCAA tournament was taking place this year she was the main reporter who followed around one specific team. The two […]

Ethics vs. Interests

19 Apr

The pursuit of science costs money. Where the funding for research comes from has, time and again, proven to be a source of ethical contention. Unfortunately, the findings researchers produce are rarely enough to counter the will of wealthy, outside interests. Much less so when that counter productive will comes from very organization meant to […]

When family members won’t face ethics

12 Apr

Ethics and family in braindead patients The first ethical principal that physicians must apply to their practice is the Hippocratic oath: above all, do no harm. The second is that patients should get to choose their own treatment. However, what is the most ethical solution when the patient is not in a position to speak […]

Ethical Dilemmas in journalism

12 Apr

There are many ethical dilemmas in Journalism. Pam Queen, the Managing Editor of the Dominion Post shared her thoughts on the topic. As managing editor she explained that she was trained to be aware of how these ethical issues can come up, and with that training she has avoided them. “Though Morgantown is growing, it […]

Patient care hinges on ethical dilemmas

12 Apr

In her 5 years as a palliative care nurse, Lisa has experienced more death and ethical dilemmas than most do in a lifetime. Last month, she handled a case that highlights two complex points of conflict: one for herself, balancing conflicting duties as a nurse, and one for a surgeon, held to a bureaucratic practice […]

To Fabricate or Not to Fabricate: A Journalistic Struggle

12 Apr

In the field of journalism accuracy and speed are extremely important. Being unbiased and objective are also viable qualities of a good journalist. Yet the driving force behind a lot of stories is the need to get the most truthful information in a timely manner. But sometimes the mounting pressure and stress of trying to […]