Morgantown pedestrian safety left at a standstill

14 Feb

Members of the Student Government Association (SGA) have announced that the will be working with other government agencies and community leaders to create a safe walk where they will target streets and sidewalks in Morgantown that need fixing in-order-to keep pedestrians safe. This announcement comes almost two weeks after West Virginia University student, Leah Berhanu […]

Mon County schools meet savings goal five years ahead of time

14 Feb

Reporter: Shannon MacNeil Monongalia County schools meet their savings goal five years ahead of time.  They are in “Phase 1” of a Guaranteed Savings project, which started November 2012.   This project stared out costing $2,324,769 and has so far saved the county $871, 348 in five years. There are a few reasons why Energy Savings […]

Monongalia County Board of Education supports its teachers

14 Feb

On Tuesday night, the Monongalia County Board of Education unanimously voted on a resolution that would support competitive wages for educators within the county. With supplemental funds coming from the levy, entry-level teachers in Monongalia County are already making the highest salary in West Virginia. Service personnel make the second-highest. A coalition of teachers, Nancy […]

Monongalia County Board of Education Shows Support to Teachers Fighting for Higher Wages

14 Feb

The Monongalia County Board of Education voted unanimously to support higher staff wages at an emergency meeting held on Tuesday, February, 13. This comes directly after the House of Delegates passed the teacher pay raise bill 98-1 and sent it to the Senate. Under this bill, teachers will receive a two percent raise in the […]

Teachers voice concerns about PEIA at public hearing

14 Feb

Teachers from across the state voiced their support of affordable health insurance at a public hearing on Tuesday evening. Hosted by the Public Employees Insurance Agency Finance Board, 28 people spoke during the hearing, which was held at the WVU Erickson Alumni Center. All 28 speakers expressed concerns of changes in PEIA, a health plan […]

Shadow Of Young Victim Looms Over Pedestrian Safety Meeting

14 Feb

The monthly Morgantown Pedestrian Safety Board Meeting is normally a rather simple affair. Led by the mutton chopped Matt Cross, meetings primarily consist of safety lectures, with such advice as “wear bright colors” and “look both ways”, delivered by Cross in a fashion that can perhaps best be described as  exuberant.   Pedestrian Safety Board […]

Morgantown locals cry out for pedestrian safety

14 Feb

Frustration and grief filled the faces of West Virginia University students, community members and city officials crowded into the tiny conference room at the Public Safety Building on Spruce Street for the Pedestrian Safety Board meeting Monday evening. The big topic of the discussion was Leah Berhanu, who was struck and killed by a vehicle, […]

The Monongalia County Board of Education Unanimously Vote to Support Higher Staff Wages

14 Feb

At a recent emergency meeting, the Monongalia County Board of Education voted unanimously on a resolution to support higher teacher wages and better staff benefits. This comes after West Virginia legislators voted for a one percent pay raise each year for five years, for a grand total of a five percent raise. Some call this an […]

West Virginia Public Employees Voice Concern Over PEIA Coverage

14 Feb

For many public employees in West Virginia, the proposed premium increases and changes in coverage provided by the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) have caused an uproar in complaints and concerns. On Tuesday night, teachers, state troopers, retirees, and public employees alike gathered at the Erickson Alumni Center at West Virginia University to lobby for […]

Planning Commission Talks Updates and Improvements

13 Feb

At its regular meeting last week, the Morgantown Planning Commission reviewed proposed zoning changes that would increase housing density, improve pedestrian safety, and make transportation easier in one particular area of downtown. The Woodburn neighborhood and surrounding area, including North Willey, Snyder, and Richwood streets is mostly single-family homes that have been converted to apartments. […]